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This page is specially created for all Parchers.  From time to time, we will provide you with the craft updates from Pergamano, of which some are not found in their website. We hope to keep you updated whenever possible.  Happy Parching!!

Discontinued Products
The colours of the Pinta Perla range have a significant decline in sales numbers. As a result, Pergamano will not be manufacturing some of the colours when their stocks are depleted.
Following are the list of products that have been discontinued by Pergamano and are while supplies last from our store.


Tinta Inks 30ml (April 2010)
P21214    Tinta Ink Turquoise
P21515 * Tinta Orange


*  not available

Tinta Inks Pastel 30ml (2011)
P21231 * Tinta Pastel Green 
P21232 * Tinta Pastel Blue
P21233 * Tinta Pastel Pink
P21234 * Tinta Pastel Skin Colour
P21235 * Tinta Pastel Lilac

*  not available

Pinta Perla Paints 22ml (April 2010)
P21502  Pinta Perla Blue
P21503  Pinta Perla Red
P21504  Pinta Perla Bronze Green
P21507  Pinta Perla Purple
P21508  Pinta Perla Green
P21516  Pinta Perla Yellow
P21520  Pinta Perla Fuchsia
P21521  Pinta Perla Bronze
P21512  Pinta Perla Brown
P21513  Pinta Perla Skin Colour

The colours that will remain available in the product line are:
P21501  Pinta Perla White
P21522  Pinta Perla Copper
P21523  Pinta Perla Gold

Paint Brushes (2011)
P11421 * Brush Rotmarder No. 0 
P11424    Brush Light Brown No. 2
P11425    Brush Pure Kolinsky No. 2
P11426    Perga Color Brush No. 6
P11428 * Perga Brushes No. 2 & No. 4

*  not available

Perga Colours Exclusive (PCE) (2012)
P21431  Perga Colours Exclusive (20 Colours) 

It will be replaced to new code P21432 (30 Colours).  The new PCE has 2 different tips: a thick and a thinner tip which makes it even easier to apply colour.

Most of the Templates Adhesive are discontinued.  If you like dabbing technique, these lovely templates is a must to have!  It's self-adhesive and can be easily clean up and re-use many times unlike other brands.  Buy it before they are all sold out from our store!

Templates Adhesive
P31186 * Flowers & Butterflies
P31187    Autumn
P31188 * Christmas 1
P31189    Winter
P31190 * Flowers
P31191 * Butterflies
P31192    Baby
P31193    Alphabet
P31194 * Marriage
P31195 * Christmas 2
P31196    Shells
P31197 * Ornaments 1
P31198    Ornaments 2
P31199    Springtime Flowers
P31200    Alphabet Upper Case
P31201 * Alphabet Lower Case
P31202 * Butterflies 2
P31203    Decorative Borders

* not available


Stencils Adhesive
P33301   Tulip
P33302    Iris
P33303    Blossom
P33304    Anemone
P33305    Water Lily
P33306 * Butterfly
P33307 * Rose
P33308    Candle
P33309    Bells
P33310    Poinsetta
P33311    Pansy
P33312    Magnolia
P33313    Clematis
P33314    Blue Tit

* not available


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