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International Parchment Craft Academy (IPCA)

Turn your hobby into your career by becoming a registered Pergamano teacher!

Are you a Pergamano parchment craft enthusiast?

Do you spend quite a lot of your free time and money on your hobby?

Would you enjoy passing on your knowledge to other people?

If the answer to these questions is a heartfelt 'yes', you may well be cut out to be a Registered Pergamano Teacher!

What is a Registered Pergamano Teacher?

Registered Pergamano Teachers are people who have been trained according to the guidelines of the International Parchment Craft Academy. After their training they are certified and self-employed teachers - allowed to use the trademark Pergamano® for their teaching activities. They organize courses to teach other Pergamano enthusiasts parchment craft techniques on differing levels. Courses can be given at home, in a craft shop or public place like a library or a community centre, and they offer up-to-date information about all Pergamano products, activities and the latest techniques.

What is the International Parchment Craft Academy (IPCA)?

Under the creative supervision of Martha Ospina, the IPCA spreads the techniques and product knowledge of parchment craft around the world. Its main aim is to make sure that a wide variety of people will be able to enjoy parchment craft. The Academy endeavours to achieve this by training new teachers and organising 'follow-up' courses for the practising Pergamano teachers. This is all done in a professional as well as pleasing way, allowing room for personal development. As the IPCA is active in many different countries, there is also a lot of cultural interaction between people and it is a great opportunity for making new friends. All the IPCA activities are organized under the 'Pergamano Umbrella'.

What do I gain by becoming a Registered Pergamano Teacher?

You will be trained to learn everything there is to know about parchment craft techniques and the Pergamano products. After following and passing the course, you will actually be able to turn your hobby into your career by organizing and running your own courses. You will be registered in a database so people in your area who are interested in a course are directed to you. Additional materials are available to support you in teaching as well as to promote your recognition as a registered Pergamano Teacher.



  • the Teacher Certificate;
  • the teacher program;
  • the teacher manual;
  • the teacher pin;
  • the teachers information letter that keeps you informed about the latest developments in the craft (new techniques and products, workshops, demonstrations, events etc.);
  • product offered exclusively to registered Pergamano Teachers (blouses, sweatshirts, T-shirts etc.).
Besides this there are:
  • special offers on Pergamano products (only for certain countries); and
  • the IPCA supplementary courses, only available to registered Pergamano teachers.

In short:
Becoming a Registered Pergamano Teacher is a golden opportunity to meet people with the same interest, teach Parchment Craft, have fun and subsidise your income at the same time.

How do become a Registered Pergamano Teacher?

To become a Registered Pergamano Teacher, you are expected to have successfully finished certain basic courses. The IPCA and your national Co-ordinator will decide whether you are capable or not to give courses as a Registered Pergamano Teacher. They will base their judgement on your written motivation and the verbal elucidation to your portfolio with projects. When their impression is positive, you will follow a 3 day teacher course. During the teacher training you will have to show that you master all the basic techniques. Your didactic skills are also very important. You will learn things like: how to organize a course, which preparations you need to make for a lesson and how to create a pleasant atmosphere among the group of course-members.

What are the basic requirements of a future Registered Pergamano Teacher?

Dedication to learn new techniques with the IPCA to reach a high level and a willingness to invest time and money to do so; organizational and social skills; follow basic courses with a registered Pergamano Teacher; follow the teacher course.


What is the first step?

Contact the co-ordinator in your area.

If you are in South East Asia, you may contact:

My HobbyCraft
45 Kallang Pudding Road
#06-02C Alpha Building
Singapore 349317
Tel:  (65) 842 1884
Fax: (65) 745 9815

For other areas, you can check: or contact IPCA at:

International Parchment Craft Academy
P.O. Box 86
1420 AB Uithoorn
The Netherlands
Tel:  31 (0) 297 522533
Fax: 31 (0) 297 526256

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